Our Story

Black Is Beautiful Apparel began with a series of conversations between two friends. We reconnected in 2021 after several years and were spending a lot of time together. We had a lot to discuss, a lot had changed in our lives and in the world since 2015. Although a lot had changed, we both agreed that enough hadn't changed for our community.

Although injustices that face the Black community were brought to light during the summer of unrest in 2020, the issues that face our community were nothing new. We grew up with them, we've experienced them, we live them. But something had changed, for the first time in our lifetime, the world was responding differently to the injustices and voices of frustration expressed by the Black community after the killing of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

In our many conversations, as a marketer and designer who were former colleagues, we also discussed teaming up on a project. Finally it clicked, why not do something for our community, it's something we're both passionate about. One of us had already been working for a non-profit for the Black community that stood up in response to the summer of 2020, and together we worked on the Trayvon Martin Foundation Logo. It only made sense.

We first found our domain www.blackisbeautifulapparel.com, then we did a deep dive into the original movement. We learned about the first and second Harlem Renaissance, Kwame Brathwaite, and came to the conclusion that the same concepts and teachings of Marcus Garvey from a hundred years ago are still relevant and necessary today. Our heroes and heroines latched on to these ideas during the civil rights movement and inspired change. In short, Black unity, Black excellence, and Black strength.

At Black Is Beautiful Apparel, our vision is to create an inclusive environment wherein the Black community, and the supporters of the Black community, can participate in the cultural revolution happening today. We hope to create a platform for open dialogue and shared knowledge of all Black American accomplishments of historical and cultural significance within the African Diaspora and the Western Hemisphere.

Our mission is to provide quality products indicative of our core values, and to spread positive messaging for the Black community that will allow us to participate in promotion and support of Black cultural and philantropic initiatives.